Simpatico - Snap #605

On the next Snap, "Simpatico." What's it like to find yourself on someone else's wavelength? 

I Hate That Guy

Glynn is the Jart master. But he meets someone whose own Jart game will forever change his life.

Producer: Mark Ristich

Rock Paper Scissor

When the two greatest auction houses in the world - Christies and Sothebys -- vied for the privilege of auctioning off $20 million worth of art in 2004, little did they know that they would be forced to engage in an ancient form of ritualized combat known as...rock paper scissors.

After you listen, be sure to check out Carol Vogel’s original New York Times article.

Producer: Joe Rosenberg
Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

Through The Looking Glass

Dawn always felt disconnected from the rest of the world. Her undiagnosed Autism prevented her from understanding her surroundings without a protective barrier...until she found another creature like her, behind a barrier.

Read more about Dawn Prince-Hughes' amazing story here, and check out her book.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Divine Intervention

Nick needed to pass his final exams in order to graduate medical school. The trouble is, he completely failed his first exam. Only a perfect score on his second exam would give him the overall score to graduate. What he needed was nothing short of a miracle.

Producer: Conversations with Richard Fidler