Warning Signs - Episode 105

Before the universe knocks you upside the head, it usually gives you a sign.  This week, Snap Judgment follows people who pay heed to those signs . . . or don't. 


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White Lines

When he hears the roar, Storn White knows he made a mistake, and prays for the mountain to forgive him. 


The mountain has other plans.


Story by Storn White.


Produced by Mark Ristich

Kidnapped by the FARC

Jason McLaughlin and his buddy took a canoe trip down Colombia's Putomayo River. Nobody warned them that the river cut through the heart of rebel territory during the middle of a civil war. Produced by Anne Elizabeth Moore and Roman Mars.

Joshua Walters vs. Joshua Walters

A talented young performer, Joshua Walters, battles demons for his soul. 


Is he a prophet?  A performer?  A maniac?


What is the difference?


Produced by Glynn Washington.

Warning Signs

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A warning sign is a type of traffic sign indicating a hazard ahead on the road that can not be immediately apparent to a driver.In most countries, usually of an equilateral triangle, the white background and a thick red. However, as the background color and border color and thickness varies from country to country.
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I listened to your hour long story from beginning to end and was very intrigued. Your stories of "warning signs" were very profound. I actually listened to the avalanche story twice, and my husband finally told me to put my headphones on while I listened. I'll be keeping my eye open for warning signs.

Gretchen Klipsch

I like your RJ who is hosting this radio show. Moreover, I like the story of avalanche which has been created because of avoiding warning signs. Though it has written STOP warning sign they ignore it and got attacked by avalanche. Just I want to say and inform all the public is read warning signs and obey them.

love the avalanche story!