Something Ain't Right - Episode 104

Your brain doesn't quite know what's going on. But your body knows that something's up. Your breathing gets shallow, your palms start to sweat. Do you run--or watch things play out? In this episode, Snap Judgment does both. Check out our audio. Then watch a short video of Douglas Leach's story as he follows a trail of Polaroids in a short film we call "Somebody's Punk."

Douglas Leach and the Trail of Polaroids

After arriving home from work, Douglas Leach saw a Polaroid lying on his front step. 
He picked it up. 
He shouldn't have . . .



The Shiva Puja

When an otherwise healthy young businessman starts slurring his speech, dragging his feet, and spitting up blood - his amazing road to recovery runs through Lord Shiva's Temple.

Chandra and the KKK

Chandra and his nerd buddies ignite a campus-wide race war.

Three Days in a Porsche

After the keys to a Porsche magically appear on his front doorstep, Jack Boulware discovers that sometimes the car does make the man.

Respect the Prophet

Glynn Washington spins a tale of what happens when the Midwest collides with Malaysian mores.

Something Ain't Right

Listen here to the full hour show, or pick from the stories below.

I started trusting my gut feelings and things are working out.

Nerds, man. And you thought that the only race wars they got involved in were Elves vs. Dwarves.