Quest - Episode 204

When you’re searching for something really important, it’s hard to know if it’s “out there” or lurking deep inside.  The quest can be everything.  On this episode we explore stories of people who dig deep, and put everything on the line.

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Who's Your Daddy?

Rita D was a love child with an elusive, larger than life father.  In an attempt at understanding, she embarks on a quest to visit the Intentional Community her Father lived on at the time of her conception, and to ask him a few burning questions.  

(Like any self-respecting radio producer, Rita Daniels packs a recorder and brings listeners with her.) 

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Learn more about the Lama Foundation here.

Moon Graffiti

“That’s one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.”  We know the quote, the perfect capstone for America’s triumphant quest to put a man on the moon.  

But Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong came within inches of tragedy when they landed Apollo 11. This story imagines the moon landing if things had gone a bit differently . . .

Moon Graffiti was produced by Jonathan Mitchell and edited by Hillary Frank for an amazing new storytelling project called “The Truth” (distributed by American Public Media.)  Matt Evans stars as Neil Armstrong, Ed Herbstman as Buzz Aldrin, and John Ottavino as Richard Nixon.

A Kidney and a Bride

What do you do when an estranged cousin calls out of the blue and asks for a highly illegal favor to save his life?  Hang up the phone?  

Or catch the next airplane to China?

Daniel made his choice, and wrote about his quest in a book called, “Larry’s Kidney.”

Produced by Anna Sussman.


Top of the World

Forty years ago, Alan Sussman went backpacking through India, Afghanistan and Nepal, before climbing his way to a mountaintop temple called Tengboche Monastery, on the trail to Everest Base Camp.  

A few months ago, he asked his daughter, Snap Judgment producer Anna Sussman, to make the same trek with him one last time.

Snap Judgment: Quest

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