Over the Line: - Snap #224

This week, Snap Judgment proudly presents stories from people who have crossed a line from which they can never return. Get the podcast . . .

Get Right With Your God

Donald Cabana thought he understood his job as prison warden, but never knew it would cost so much . . .


Producer: Anna Sussman

The Last Mile

A young boy prepares himself for the worst during the last family ride. A powerful story of love, loss and mileage by the 15-year-old Youth Speaks Grand Slam Champion, Noah St. John.

See Noah perform a DIFFERENT piece for Youth Speaks on stage right here.

Produced by Jamie DeWolf and Renzo Gorrio

Living for 32

When a gunman bursts into Colin Goddard’s classroom, he is forced to understand survival in more ways than one.

Find out more about Colin and his fight by watching the documentary, “Living for 32.”

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Good Grief

In the middle of a season of loss, Ted Wiard thought it couldn’t get any worse. Then it did.

You can check out Ted's book, Witnessing Ted:  The Journey to Potential Through Grief and Loss, and well as his grief center.

Producer: Rita Daniels

Shoshana Johnson- Still Standing

Shoshana Johnson’s tale of abduction in the Iraqi War has been told for her. Today, Shoshana takes control of her own story.

Producer Anna Sussman

My Daughter's Keeper

Snap favorite Joyce Lee takes the Snap Judgment microphone and delivers her narrative magic in a story about how she learned to respect her Mother.

Check out Joyce's brand new album, No Country For Honest Womyn, right here.

Producer: Jamie DeWolf and Stephanie Foo