Hacked - Episode 115

In this technological era, you can live a full life without ever looking away from your computer screen. Talk to friends, read a book, order your groceries, diagnose your abdominal pains . . . all in a world made of zeroes and ones.  And if you know the language -- if you’re a hacker -- then this brave new world is yours for the taking.


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Nerd Boy

Nerdboy’s sister needs help, and he doesn’t have the muscle.  But he’s not backing down.  Somebody is going to pay.


Story by Glynn Washington. Produced by Stephanie Foo.

The 75 Cent Hack

Clifford Stoll is managing some computers at work when he realizes that somebody has stolen 75 cents from the lab.  He sets off to investigate, and finds the conspiracy runs deeper than he could ever have imagined. Stoll published a book on this story, which you can buy here.


Produced by Stephanie Foo.


Parental Control

Computers unite the world by putting everyone on the same playing field. Everyone (priests, wardens, 11-year old girls) assume the same equal status when reduced to a screen name.  But maybe that’s not such a good thing.  Not when children can start reigning over their parents.


Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Hack the House

Circumstance tempts some employees to find a creative way of leaving a job.  Some people steal office supplies. Others say what they really think.  Snap Judgment Executive Producer Mark Ristich started messing with the company computer.


Produced by Mark Ristich.

Got Your Back

You don’t just need antivirus software for your PC.  Hearts can get hacked too.  When looking for love, Rebecca Hertz discovers some nasty worms crawling around her online dating site. 


Produced by Rebecca Hertz.

Computer Love Poem

Joshua Walters is in a relationship and it’s complicated. But he doesn’t kiss his baby goodnight. No, he prefers to click her mouse. 

Reply All

Everybody knows you have to be careful with the email spammers.  Horror stories abound.  But sometimes they push and push and push - practically daring you to respond.  Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington discovers the perils of getting even.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Heard a song in this episode that you loved? Gotta know what it is? Stephanie's got a full song list on her blog.

Full Episode of Hacked

This is the full episode of Hacked.

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Your show rocks!!!! Thanks for your amazing creativity!

What is the name/artist of the song that begins at 30 seconds into the opening of the show?

The artist is RJD2 The song is called "Solomon Jones"

That'd be either Solomon Jones - RJD2 or SelectStart - Free the Robots perhaps? Full song list for the entire show is right here: http://mossteph.tumblr.com/post/1237834894/music-list-for-hacked