G.I. - Snap #216

Some people are born into it, others have a calling, still others, well, the world just gives them no choice. On the next Snap Judgment we proudly present, "G.I." Stories about the men and women who fight our wars.

Saving Wally Walker

Left: Wally Walker. Seated: Jose Mares.

For Jose Mares, it wasn’t much of a choice: prison or war.  But in Korea he excelled and had close friends, especially Wally Walker.  Both of their lives take a terrible turn when Jose makes a promise he isn’t able to keep.

Thank you to the Veterans History Project for providing audio for this story.  To hear other veterans’ stories, go to http://loc.gov/vets.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Frances Liberty

Frances Liberty was a good Catholic school girl. But that all changed when she decided to serve as a nurse in the army.  She served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Grenada, and developed a sass that deeply affected many she came into contact with.

Thank you to the Veterans History Project for providing audio for this story. To hear other veterans’ stories, go to http://loc.gov/vets. The painting you see above is a portrait of Frances Liberty  by J.D. Nelson.

Producer: Natalia Jaeger and Mark Ristich

Civilian Blackout

On the dance floor of a Malaysian night club, Glynn learns the true meaning of Semper Fi.

Producer: Stephanie Foo.

Hard Won Battle

A young man makes the change from bad guy to good guy, and keeps his weapon by his side.

Marine Sergeant Marco Martinez relates the story of how he went from a young gangster to a recipient of the Navy Cross.

Find out more about Marco’s story in his book Hard Corps.

Producers: Anna Sussman and Mark Ristich 

The Cage

Christopher Arendt served as a guard at Guantanamo Bay Prison, but when he got out, he realized that neither the prisoners nor he would not ever be able to leave Camp Delta.

Thanks to Justine Sharrocker and her book, Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things.
Check out the Veteran’s Sanctuary here. They provide free housing for homeless veterans in Ithaca, New York.

And do visit Combat Paper’s site to see artwork made from pulped military uniforms.

Producer: Stephanie Foo


Ravi wants to join the U.S. army--but he’s Hindu, and is therefore a pacifist.  Somehow, though, he manages to fight for what he believes in.

Producers: Dhaya Lakshminarayanan & Stephanie Foo

De-Warrior Training

Chance enlisted in the United States Marine Corp at the age of 25.  After three tough deployments, his welcome home was not what he envisioned.

Learn more about Paws and People Assisting Wounded Warriors.

Producer: Rita Daniels

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