What is Snap Judgment?

Snap Judgment is a themed, weekly  storytelling show. We focus on presenting compelling personal stories - mixing killer beats with real drama to produce cinematic, dramatic and kick-ass radio. We are produced in partnership and distributed through WNYC Studios.


Glynn Washington…where have I heard that name?

Our host Glynn Washington has been spreading the storytelling gospel and hobnobbing with interesting folks around the world for years, so you may have shared a Singapore Sling with him once upon a time. But he got his start in radio when he beat out thousands of contestants to win the CPB and PRX Public Radio Talent Quest.


Where can I hear Snap Judgment?

Snap Judgment is broadcast on numerous public radio stations across the United States. We are working on creating a complete list for our website, but in the meantime, the only way to know for sure is to call your local public radio station and ask! And if they don't carry Snap Judgment, demand it! With respect, of course. Respect is due.

You can also download our free podcast on iTunes (link) or stream our full Snap Judgment shows and segments on the website, SnapJudgment.org.

Why Oakland?

Because Oakland is home. Because down the street from our office, there’s a school where black and Latino kids speak Mandarin to each other while playing tag. Because our office loves to eat Spices Szechuan food for lunch. Because of the scraper bikes and stunner shades. Because of the Fox Theater and the barbershops. Because of the weather. Because we believe that public radio should be for the young and the old, for listeners of every race and background, and you can find them all, living and thriving, here.


Do you guys need more stories? Would you like to hear mine?

Hell yes! We sure as Snap want to hear it! Tell it, record it, write it, videotape it, photograph it, then put it up on our Browse Stories section. We check the stories there every day, and based on community response and how much we love your work, we may just pick your story to air on our show.  If you need help producing your story and would just like to give us a pitch, or if you are a radio producer who would like to get your work on our show, please email us at "pitches (at) snapjudgment.org".

Are all the stories true?

Our reported stories must be true to the teller. They rely largely on the recollections and experience of the individuals we interview.  

Performed stories must be rooted in fact and real experiences.  These stories are allowed a degree of poetic license. Names and places are occasionally changed, composite characters and timelines are sometimes allowed, if they do not threaten the essential truth of the story.

We also do feature fiction stories. All Snap fiction has an element of the fantastical, mythological or supernatural, so as not to confuse them with our non-fiction pieces.


Do you have any resources to help me get started?

We really want you to produce awesome Snap Judgment-type stories, so before you start, we suggest you run your story by our “Is Your Story Right for Snap Judgment”  flow chart.

Transom.org also has great resources for radio n00bs including manifestos from the greats to reviews on recording equipment and tutorials.

Can I purchase Snap Judgment CDs and merchandise?

We will be working on getting our store up very soon! Keep checking back! In the meantime, just write SNAP JUDGMENT in orange Sharpie on your t-shirt.