Exodus - Snap #913

On the next all-NEW Snap..."Exodus." You can travel, move, or skip town... but when everyone around you leaves at once, well then, you may just be part of something bigger.

Running Man

When a rising high school track star in  Eritrea, East Africa, is arrested under the military dictatorship, he realizes he might have a way out....run.

For more information about issues facing African migrants in Israel and resources on how to help, visit Israeli organization Eritrean Women’s Community Center website.

Teklit Michal writes a blog for Times of Israel and hosts a news channel in Tirgrinya for fellow Eritreans in Israel. You can follow his work on his Facebook page.

Producer: Shaina Shealy

The Birds

With a houseful of her favorite birds, and a hurricane on the way, Nikki's whole life is about to be upturned.

Find our more about her story on her website, nikkimoustaki.com
and in her new book, "The Bird Market of Paris."

Producer: Anna Sussman
Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio