Crossing Borders - Snap #214

There are lines in the sand, lines on a map, even lines marking our own neighborhoods.  This week, Snap Judgment proudly presents "Crossing Borders."  Stories about people who go where they're not supposed to.  Listen now, or get the podcast!

The McDonalds Travel Agency

Glynn sets off in search of orangutans and finds an underground railroad instead.

The Maya Express

Max Hardberger recounts a tale of battling pirates in the deep blue seas in an attempt to recover a stolen ship.

Max has written about his adventures on the high seas in his memoir, Seized.  To learn more about Max’s adventures, check out his website at:

Producer: Mitzi Mock

The Devil We Know

Alfredo Corchado’s parents where very supportive of his choice to become a journalist, with one condition: that he not report on drug trafficking.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Almost Me

When Mimi’s family crossed over from Bulgaria to the US after the fall of the iron curtain, many of her friends crossed into a much darker world.

Photo by Mimi Chakarova



Human Rights Film Festival (New York Premiere)

AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs Documentary Festival

Producer: Anna Sussman



American Dad

Like many others around the globe, Pilar wanted the American dream.  Her father lived in the United States and told her that he would help her cross the border from Mexico into San Diego, but Pilar soon found herself wondering if the dream was worth the journey.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Pick Your Poison

James Shepherd Barron is an aid worker in Sudan during an outbreak of polio.  To stop the virus, and innoculate the children,  James has to  strike a deal with a local warlord who believes he is sent by the enemy to poison his children.

James now works as a disaster risk management consultant and he has written a new survival guide based on his experiences. He covers everything from landing an aircraft without a pilot, surviving an avalanche and evading an attacking hippo. It’s called: Everything That Follows Is Based On Recent, Real-Life Experience That Has Been Proven to Work: Professional Survival Solutions.

To learn more about James and his book, check out his website:

 Producers: Mitzi Mock and Mark Ristich.

Snap Judgment #214: Crossing Borders

This is the full episode of Crossing Borders.

Pilar's story in "American Dad" was incredibly moving. I hope that she is well and has found happiness with her husband and children. Praying that she will one day be reunited with her beloved family that she left behind in Mexico.