Can't Hold Me Down - Snap #708

On the next Snap, "Can't Hold Me Down." The world has a natural order that we all abide...except when we don't.

Tongue Twister

Glynn is bad at math, but you'll never guess why...

Producer: Mark Ristich

Texas Ranger

Back in the 1970s Bob Favor signed up to be a Texas Ranger. He proudly helped local police solve some of their toughest cases. But there was one case that kept getting away from him.

For more of Bob Favor’s exploits as a Texas Ranger, make sure to grab a copy of his book: My Rangering Days.

For more of Luke Quinton’s work check out his website:

Producer: Luke Quinton
Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

The Shield

Tabinda Kokab wished for a better life, then her world turned upside down.

Read more about Tabinda Kokab’s story here.

Check out the BBC's Fifth Floor podcast here

Producer and Sound Design: Davey Kim

Message In A Bottle

Hurricane Sandy brought a very special message to a grieving mother. This piece originally aired on the BBC 4 Short Cuts Podcast. […episodes/downloads]

Producer: Eleanor McDowall