Behind The Wheel - Snap #211

The road is an amazing thing.  Drive long enough, and you can escape even yourself.  Buckle up, as Snap Judgment crashes a ghost car, slams into a cotton field, and rides shotgun with the King of Turkey . . .

King of the Road

When Mehmed decides to visit  America, he celebrates by conquering the road. Mehmed discovers that in a country where nobody knows his name, anyone can be King.

 Produced by Stephanie Foo.

The Write Driver

Kate Ascott-Evans has a secret. She gets a job that means addressing her secret every day, and if she isn’t careful, somebody’s going to get hurt.

Told by Kate Ascott-Evans.  Produced by Mitzi Mock and Pat Mesiti-Miller

Point A to Point B - Joyce Lee

Snap Judgment regular contributor, Joyce Lee, takes a trip with the most important man she barely knows.

Produced by Mark Ristich

Dark Shadow

April Wolfe’s car literally had a mind of its own.  April knew exactly whose mind it was--her Aunt Janice's. Only thing was, Aunt Janice had died years ago.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Rest Stop

On a road trip through Mexico, a young couple learn the hard way why they should have used the bathroom before they left.

Produced by Anna Sussman

Never Regret A Beautiful Dress

Dressed to impress the ex, Snap Judgment’s Mitzi Mock’s adventure leads to her own unique way of stopping traffic. 

Produced by Anna Sussman and Mark Ristich

"A Lady Puts a Cat in My Cab..."

New York City cab driver Jerry Tierstein tells fellow cab driver Andrew Vollo about a memorable passenger as part of a StoryCorp interview.

Listen to the songs we used in the "Behind the Wheel" episode right here: