Adaptation - Snap #218

Snap Judgment Proudly Presents “Adaptation.”  Stories about metamorphosis . . . 

Live Long and Prosper

Snap’s Glynn Washington decides upon a radical strategy to discard his past.


Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Like Daughter, Like Daughter

Yolanda grew up in a privileged Berkeley neighborhood, but her loneliness drove her to teen pregnancy and later, the streets.  Yolanda’s mistakes catalyze of a cycle of addiction, leading her daughter towards a similar fate.

Thanks so much to Emile Klein of "You're U.S." for collecting this story. Emile is spending the next few years bicylcling across the United States and gathering stories from Americans. He will also be painting their portraits in exchange for places to stay--check out Emile's awesome quest and his version of Yolanda's story right here.

Produced by Emile Klein and Stephanie Foo

Aerial View

When a freak accident causes sporty, artistic Aerial to lose her sight, she finds herself terrified and unable to function. How can she adapt to a permanently dark world?

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Video by Will Urbina and Mitzi Mock.

Check out the video!

Man with the Gun

A Liberian child soldier is brought up around so much violence that it winds up being all he knows.


Produced by Anna Sussman.

Salted Egg

Thirty years after the tragedy of the Khmer Rouge, a Cambodian Family begins an unlikely search for their missing father.

Produced by Anna Sussman.


Topless 10K

Writer and comedian Tania Katan decides to fight her fears of cancer and body image in the only way she has left.

Produced by Natalia Jaeger.



Smart Like You

Listen as Dhaya Lakshminarayanan rocks "Snap Judgment LIVE!" with a story of family adaptation.