Lady Luck - Snap #311

She can leave you on top of the world one day - and bury you underneath it the next. And just when you need her the most, she's nowhere to be found. This week, Snap Judgment proudly presents, "Lady Luck." 

Life in the Bubble

As others strike it rich in the new dot com economy -  Glynn watches from the outside looking in . . .

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Dave and Ryan's Big Break

While professional Hip Hop dancers Ryan Curren and David Bortnick are training in Los Angeles, they are approached with the opportunity of a lifetime. A soon to be pop star wants both of them as her Feature Dancers, they take the job, and celebrity ensues. . .

Ryan and David are both professional Hip Hop dancers based in California and are launching their own production company.  Check out InnerActions here.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

The Gambler

Archie Konik is infamous for having the longest, most successful winning streak in Vegas history--racking up millions upon millions. What’s his secret? Author Michael Konik tells us. Check out Michael’s site here, and buy his book here.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Lucky Baby Shoe

Broke and living in New York City, Adam Pateman’s luck is turned around by a single baby’s shoe.

Producers: Mitra Kaboli and Anna Sussman

Bad Karma

When Chas Jackson steals a camera at a party, his good karma turns bad.

Producers: Jamie DeWolf and Renzo Gorrio

It Takes a Senior Center

Sometimes when we’re down, real real down, we get a little help, from some very unexpected places. When Ramona Pierson has a terrible accident, nobody expects her to recover, well, almost nobody.

Ramona is a two time Ted Talk speaker, and she has just launched her new company, Pierson Labs.

Producers: Lindsey Lee Keel and Renzo Gorrio

Baseball Card Bungle

Jonathan Burger goes to a baseball card convention, and when he sees an opportunity to win a Ted Williams 1954 Topps card, he decides he desperately needs it--no matter what it takes.

Producer: Stephanie Foo